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Professional, Personalized Service To Every Client - Every Time.

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How May I Help You?

Whether you are buying, selling or investing...

Congratulations! You are interested in educating yourself about the home transaction process. And I am here to help. It is easy to assume that one agent is as good as another, but we are not all the same! I am a full-service agent with the heart of a teacher.



Of all the decisions you'll face when buying a home, there's none more important than the person you choose to represent you. It is important to work with someone who will listen to you, and make your goals the top priority. You wouldn't take a road trip, even a familiar one, without checking your vehicle and without using a navigation tool. I will help you navigate your home purchase journey from start to finish.


Buying a home can be complicated, but with my help there is no reason for stress! I have access to a network of professionals that can assist with the entire purchase process. Starting with securing financing, working through various home inspections, finding insurance, to tracking the deal through the title company; with my local network I will help you handle ALL aspects of buying a home. Call today, and let’s get started on finding your home!




If you find yourself needing to sell your home, you have a very different process ahead of you than buying, but no less precarious. What forms are required in the Commonwealth of Virginia? What inspections are required and what party pays for which ones? How can the serious buyers be distinguished from casual lookers? It is my job to help you market your home and provide successful negotiating! Through online marketing, focused mailings, customized and traditional print advertising, I utilize a variety of resources to get results.


My working knowledge of the Central Virginia market is invaluable to my clients. I help them find the most accurate market value of their home, and keep them from wasting time or losing money. It is my desire to put together a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. The reasons for deciding to sell a home are too complex to be simply entrusted to a yard sign. From start to finish, I will help you with effective pricing, staging, marketing, and negotiating. Call today, and let’s start working on getting your home SOLD!

Professional, Personalized Service To Every Client - Every Time.

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